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Why is AscendTMS The Best TMS For You?

We GUARANTEE you’ll increase your profits and reduce costs - or you won’t ever pay a single penny. NO OTHER TMS VENDOR WILL OFFER YOU THAT PROMISE. AscendTMS lives by it. Today, thousands of companies use AscendTMS for their total logistics and operations management. Why? Because there are no upfront fees, no license fees, no training fees, no support fees, no add-on module fees, no IT staff needed, no hardware needs, and no long-term contracts. You get a real enterprise level TMS system, just like the big guys, in under 14 seconds flat (we timed it – just watch the video to the left). Welcome to the AscendTMS family!

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Complete Load & Dispatch Management

We know what you're thinking, "Load Management, what TMS doesn't have Load Management?". We know, we know. However, AscendTMS displays your loads in a fashion that allows you to manage your day-to-day business with ease. In addition to displaying your loads in an easy-to-read format, the load management screens also contain a summary of the load financials at the bottom. Now, you can clearly see how well your business or department is doing at a glance. True manageability, now that's something to talk about.

Branch/Department Management

Some businesses need the ability to provide different visibility for a Branch Office, Department, Sales Agent or User Group. With AscendTMS, you are able to manage a user's visibility into the system with our Branch/Department Management and User Grouping feature. Users only see the information that they need to in order to perform their work duties. So, if your business needs the ability to customize user groupings, then our Branch/Department feature is for you.

Commissions and Branch Splits

You get the most powerful commissions management and branch revenue split tool you have ever seen. AscendTMS allows you to incentivize ANY staff member with commissions (both percentages or flat pay) for activity they perform. Your managers can even control all commission approvals and override commissions on a load by load basis. And, your staff can even see their own personal real-time paid, approved, and forecast commissions inside AscendTMS without ever having to ask you.

Load Financials and Profit Monitoring

Let's get down to business, shall we? Why do most people use a TMS? It's to help manage their business or department, right? AscendTMS is designed to do just that. With Load Financials, you can add your Income/Budget and Expenses to a load, monitor your Profit and Losses over the course of time and see if a load has been paid or settled. In addition, you can export your financials to your accounting system. With Load Financials, you will never have to guess how well your business is doing ever again.

Shipper Directory. 25,000+ Companies Strong

AscendTMS subscribers get access to over 17,000 direct shippers and over 8,000 freight brokers and freight forwarders in every US state and every Canadian province. We collated the data from thousands of public records, paid database services, and commercial database vendors like D&B and Hoovers (we don’t ever use shipper data from within AscendTMS, which is yours, secured, protected and totally private to you). Our powerful Shipper Directory gets you the latest shipper contact information, including company names, phone numbers, addresses, and even the most recent credit ratings which are updated nightly. It's a powerful free sales tool right at your finger tips to increase your sales.

Find, Win, & Manage Shippers With ShipperCRM

Access over 100,000 verified shippers, verified shipper contacts, verified phone numbers and verified email addresses today. Whether you‘ve been in business for 20+ years, or just starting out today, no one has ever said “I have enough customers”…right? That’s why AscendTMS is proud to partner with ShipperCRM, the ONLY CRM built specifically for logistics sales pros. If you are a broker, 3PL, or a carrier looking to get NEW business, ShipperCRM is where you should start. Click here to learn more about ShipperCRM and start growing your business today!

Powerful Accounting Made Easy

Either use the comprehensive accounting features already built into AscendTMS or integrate your favorite accounting package. If you decide to let AscendTMS manage all of your daily accounting needs, then we provide all of the tools you need, such as invoicing, settlements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer statements, profit & loss reports, and financial exporting to Excel. Better still, we made it EASY to understand and manage all of your accounting functions. For those of you with 3rd party accounting software, we have the tools to inegrate with them. The bottom line is that managing your accounting with AscendTMS is EASY.

Document Management

Scan paperwork or have POD's texted to you from drivers on the road (and we even append them to the right load within your AscendTMS account for you). No other TMS can do this. We even let you manage your company documents (like your contracts, customer packets, carrier packets, credit applications, driver paperwork etc.). Any scanned, imported or texted document can be viewed, tagged, searched, downloaded, printed, or emailed from AscendTMS. Documents can also be attached to your loads, customers, carriers and locations for easy access.

Drop Trailers? Split Loads? Teams? Asset Groups?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. AscendTMS has the power you need to manage the most complex loads or customer requests - no matter your size. Whether you move 1 load a week or 1,000 loads a week, AscendTMS gives you the tools you need to easily manage EVERYTHING. Things change quickly in trucking and logistics, so we give you the right tools to manage your loads from ANY place on earth that you happen to be. No special software is needed. Just an Internet connection and your AscendTMS account.

Driver Track & Trace via Cell Phone GPS (AscendTracker)

Free GPS load tracking? Yes, we have that - and it is built right into AscendTMS (or you can use it as a standalone service – SEE HERE) . Would you like to pin-point the exact location of a driver by just using their cell phone's GPS? The AscendTracker feature sends them a special text message and we simply grab their location and the status of the load for you. The driver can also respond from his phone with the real-time status of the load with one press. NO APPS NEEDED - just our special text message! You can also use this feature to send any other instructions to a driver via standard text message. Yes, we know, it's pretty amazing, right? Click Here for see the Overview.

Dashboard - Your Business In Real-Time

Want to see how your operation is doing at a glance? Well, the AscendTMS dashboard displays the key information about your business in a simple to read layout. With items like Financial Quick Look, Load Volumes and National Rate and Fuel trends, the Dashboard will surely be a key component for you to help keep your thumb on the pulse of your business.

Reporting - Dream It & We Can Report It

Question: Who was your most profitable customer, in Ohio, on Tuesday the 15th of July, where the sales guy was David, and the dispatcher was Mary? Come on - give us a HARD thing to report on, LOL. That's way too easy. While other TMS systems make you jump through hoops to report on what you really need (or want) to know, with AscendTMS if you can dream it, we can report on it. Just enter ANY items you want to report on and in under a second we get you the results in both summary and detailed formats. It's both powerful and easy!

Accountability Log. Who Did What, and When.

Are you sick of your team doing things wrong and then trying to cover their tracks? Do mistakes cost you money? Well, AscendTMS has the solution; the Accountability Log. AscendTMS will tell you who changed a load, the date and time they did it, and exactly what they changed things from or to. Every single change to a load is recorded for you in real-time, along with a detailed timeline of those changes. The Accountability Log means your staff can't hide and can't lie to hide their mistakes. And, more accountability means greater profits and lower costs for you.

LTL: Direct Wholesale Pricing. No Brokers. No Rebills

That’s right! Direct Wholesale Pricing. No Brokers. No Rebills. WOW! AscendTMS has pooled all 47,000+ AscendTMS companies as one “group” with ALL the major national carriers. Today, you probably go through an LTL broker (online), who add another 20% to 30% to the shipment. NOT with AscendTMS. With us, you get direct wholesale prices. And, we’ve negotiated NO NASTY REBILLS after the shipment (so you don’t need to know that stupid “freight class” anymore). Our amazing LTL tech partner is the world renowned uShip. They even provide live human help if you need ANYTHING before, during or after your shipment. To use this amazing LTL service, just select “LTL” in AscendTMS and then quote, book, and bill. It’ll blow your mind.

Load Tenders – We Enter Them For You

AscendSmartTender takes the load tenders that your customers are already emailing you every day, and electronically converts them to fully built loads in your AscendTMS account. THIS MEANS YOU’LL NEVER NEED TO MANUALLY ENTER ANOTHER LOAD AGAIN! Imagine not having to hand type the same information over and over again to build your loads. Think about the time saved on a daily basis. Not to mention the margin of error decreases to almost zero because AscendSmartTender reads all of that information for you digitally - fully eliminating all human error!

Why is AscendTMS The Best TMS For You?

We GUARANTEE you’ll increase your profits and reduce costs - or you won’t ever pay a single penny. NO OTHER TMS VENDOR WILL OFFER YOU THAT PROMISE. AscendTMS lives by it. Today, thousands of companies use AscendTMS for their total logistics and operations management. Why? Because there are no upfront fees, no license fees, no training fees, no support fees, no add-on module fees, no IT staff needed, no hardware needs, and no long-term contracts. You get a real enterprise level TMS system, just like the big guys, in under 14 seconds flat (we timed it – just watch the video to the left). Welcome to the AscendTMS family!

An Instant Digital Connection To ALL Industry Drivers

AscendTMS instantly connects you to ANY driver (your driver or any 3rd party) for instant cab dispatch, tracking, and POD document retrieval - 100% of the time - guaranteed. How? We’ve got THE deepest and most seamless integration to Transflo, the world’s largest digital supply chain solution provider for driver, cab, fleet, freight broker & shipper connections. Over 1.9 million drivers have downloaded the app and over 500,000 use it daily. Transflo moves over 800 million documents from drivers to carriers, brokers and shippers annually. Let AscendTMS show you what pure digital freight feels like!

Automated Workflow Engine

Using simple “If this, then that” rules you can automatically update loads - and notify people - when something happens in AscendTMS or when changes are made to a load. No coding is ever needed. For example, if one of your team marks a truck as “running late”, then YOU decide what the load status should automatically change to and who to notify. Or, if a load has a claim recorded, YOU decide what internal process should start and who on your team should be involved and notified. Today, manual processes are OUT. Automation is IN. AscendTMS delivers.

Trucks Permits On Demand. Buy Them! Manage Them!

Getting truck permits is a PAIN. How the heck can you remember what permits you need (or already have) if your truck is going through 9 different states? Well, we just fixed that for you!, AscendTMS has fully integrated Comdata’s nationwide truck permitting services so you can buy, send, and manage ANY truck permit you need for your trucks. We even save them for you in AscendTMS and remind you when you need to renew them. Heck, we’ll even tell you when a new trip is going through a jurisdiction where your permit has expired and get them for you before the DOT fines you. That means MORE money in your pocket and MORE hours driving. NO OTHER TMS SOFTWARE GETS YOUR TRUCK PERMITS! Only AscendTMS does. Huzzah!

Every Loadboard (+ C.H. Robinson, Uber Freight & Convoy) All On One Single Screen

DAT,, C4, Convoy, Uber Freight, and C.H. Robinson's live loads are built right in to AscendTMS. The integration is included in your AscendTMS account (for both Basic and Premium AscendTMS accounts). With the click of a button, AscendTMS automatically matches your "to be empty" truck(s) inside AscendTMS to DAT's, Truckstop's, C4, Convoy, Uber Freight and C.H. Robinson's live posted loads without ever leaving your core AscendTMS software. It saves you money. It saves you time. And, you'll see the best paying loads before anyone else does.

A Dream Carrier Portal (With Benefits)

You know those stupid carrier portals that you’re told to use to update your loads by shippers and brokers? Well, when AscendTMS shippers and brokers ask you to use their portal – it comes with a few benefits – like more loads, better loads, and totally free TMS software to manage your entire trucking business. That’s right – when we built our carrier portal for the thousands of shippers and brokers that use AscendTMS we thought of you – the carrier. So, if asked to use the AscendTMS portal by a customer, you’ll be amazed at how it gets you more freight and more profits from thousands of AscendTMS shippers and brokers.

Real-Time Truckload Rate Index with AscendAccuRate

Do you want a free truckload rate index? Do you want to know current line-haul rates for any lane (including low, median, high and average RPM's)? Well, AscendAccuRate is a real-time rate index right at your fingertips. Simply provide AscendAccuRate with the pickup and drop-off locations and presto, you will see average truckload rates for that lane pairing compiled from hundreds of thousands of real loads! (Did you figure out how we came up the snappy name yet?) Use our valuable insight on real-time market rates so you can stay on top of the ever changing market.

IFTA Tax Reporting

Do your IFTA taxes in 2 minutes and not 2 days. When you use AscendTMS to run your trucking business, we know where you bought fuel, the route you ran, the miles through each state, and the current state tax rates. When it's time to file your IFTA tax, just click one button and we will do all the heavy lifting. And, it's 100% error free. You can even manually adjust the miles as needed, you can import your fuel card data, and we will calculate the exact ITFA tax for each state for you. With AscendTMS your IFTA headaches are gone forever.

Driver Payroll & Settlement

Do you have your own drivers? AscendTMS does driver payroll with one click. Just select the date range and we will calculate payroll for each driver you have. It doesn't matter whether you have company drivers, owner operators, or a mix, AscendTMS does everything for you. You can pay drivers in any way you wish; pay per mile, percentage of line haul, hourly, per case, per pallet, per hundred weight, or a mixture. We even account for accessorials, stop pay, per diems, fuel pass through, and deadhead pay. Take the pain out of your payroll - and use AscendTMS.

ELD Connectivity? Yes We Do!

We partnered with Motive to give you the best ELD you have ever seen. With this partnership you can dispatch your drivers, receive automated updates, and track the location of your trucks and drivers whether they are using the Motive ELD or the Motive phone app. By using both the amazing AscendTMS software and the cutting edge ELD from Motive, you'll get a SEAMLESS solution to manage your entire fleet and your office operations. After using your Motive ELD solution along with your amazing AscendTMS software you'll wonder why you didn't upgrade your life sooner. Click Here To Learn More About Motive!

Free Credit Checks

Get unlimited (and free) broker credit checks anytime you want. Triumph Business Capital, one of the largest financial services firms in the transportation industry, processing almost $4 billion of freight invoices per year, gives you the info you need to make smart credit decisions. With AscendTMS, brokers, you can conduct unlimited credit checks, with accurate data, that's updated daily. Why take a chance with a customer when we can give you a free real-time credit report in seconds.

ELD & Telematics - We Connect To Them ALL!

No matter which of the 65 ELD or telematics providers you choose - we connect to them all. You'll be able to see where your freight is in real-time (both your own assets and any 3rd party trucks), get ETA's, driver speed, hard braking, hours of service left, and even set geo-fencing alerts if a driver goes AWOL on you. And, if you have assets, you can even run multiple varieties of telematics devices in each truck, trailer, or container and you can connect them all to your AscendTMS account in just seconds.

Drivers Are ALWAYS free Free FREE !

Be careful. Most other TMS software providers will “forget” to tell you (wink wink) that they also charge you for each driver you have. At AscendTMS there are NEVER (ever) any charges for drivers. NOPE!!! Even if you grow to have 10,000 trucks and drivers (and trust me - we’ll help you get there!), you won’t EVER see a charge for one single driver or truck from us – EVER! At AscendTMS we don’t play games with hidden costs or surprise fees. It’s just not right! With AscendTMS you just pay for your active office staff that use AscendTMS . That’s it! Welcome to our FAMILY!

True Truck Mileage and Routes - Included

Stop paying hundreds (or thousands) per month for expensive truck mileage and routing software. AscendTMS includes real truck mileage routes for both our Basic and Premium users – and it will never cost you a single penny. Our included true truck miles will save you both time and money - and it lets you ditch your old (and expensive) stand-alone mileage software. Why pay for separate truck mileage software when AscendTMS has it built right in for you? Do you need route optimization, ETA's based on weather or traffic conditions, etc? Click here to learn how.

Tax & Business Solutions

AscendTMS let's you run all the reports you need to help you with filing your IFTA taxes, see your profitability, and manage your trucking business from top to bottom. However, imagine if you could focus more on your drivers, make more money, have more free time, and reduce your stress. With our partnership with American Trucking Business Services (Better known as ATBS), you can do just that. Let ATBS help your business achieve its maxium potential by utilizing their expertise in tax filings, accounting services, and business experience. And, here's the best part, they can show how your business measures up against your peers from pricing, expenses and profit margins! Join the 20,000+ independent contractors that trust ATBS with their taxes, bookkeeping, and business success each year! Click here to learn more about ATBS!

Payroll Processing & Expert Help

AscendTMS will run your weekly payroll settlements, help process those payments, and even answer your drivers specific payroll questions for you. Driver payroll is the most complex and difficult process to get right because there are so many moving parts. Let our tight partnership with Superior Trucking Payroll Service help you sleep well knowing that true trucking payroll experts are on hand to save you on payroll costs, answer your questions, and do all the work needed to get your drivers paid accurately and on time. After all, a happy driver is a driver that gets paid accurately and on time.

Offer Truly Managed Logistics Services

Up until now, only HUGE brokers, 3PL’s and carriers could offer truly managed logistics services to shippers. But, you’re in luck. When YOU use AscendTMS you immediately have technology that let’s you go to any shipper and offer them a true managed services logistics experience. This means that your team and theirs will meld into one harmonious logistics team, working for the same goals, and controlling ALL the freight they move, together in one TMS system. Only AscendTMS can offer you this amazing technology at no additional cost. You’ll quickly become a managed services LEADER with AscendTMS.

Legal Services On Demand

Need a transportation lawyer or on-demand legal help? Then use the AscendTMS Legal Center for contracts, cargo claims, freight pay disputes, insurance, accidents, compliance, HR issues, litigation, merger and acquisition opportunities, and everything in between. You get instant access to professional transportation and logistics lawyers who are intimately familiar with the specialized requirements of our industry - and the risks and opportunities facing your business. NO other TMS has an on-demand Legal Center - only AscendTMS does.

Asset and Fleet Management

Whether you are an asset based carrier or a broker / shipper that has your own trucks, our free asset management features will help your business get organized. Manage assets like Power Units, Trailers, Containers and Drivers with ease. AscendTMS also provides you with the unique flexibility of assigning your own asset or a 3rd party carrier to any of your loads - and manage them all from one simple screen. You can even text or track your drivers, too. With AscendTMS, you are in control of everything. You are the king (or queen) of the world!

Transit Insights: Freight Flows, Crossing Times, Dwell Times

Get amazing real-time freight insights for free in AscendTMS, free from our close friends at FourKites. You can see everything from current border crossing times, port congestion alerts, daily freight flows from state to state, pickup and delivery dwell time trends, and much more on one single AscendTMS screen. Better still, all this data is totally FREE for both Basic and Premium AscendTMS users from the leader in freight visibility, FourKites. Remember, knowledge is power!

Universal Search

Imagine one place to go where you can search for any load, customer, carrier, reference number, MC number, DOT number, or location within your AscendTMS account and find it in seconds. No more fumbling around in different screens to find something. One place - done! Also, from here you can setup new customers, carriers or drivers with one click, get free real-time credit checks, perform fast carrier onboarding with just an DOT / MC number, do carrier & driver verification and qualification, and get real-time fraud warnings. The AscendTMS Universal Search feature is powerful - and lightning fast.

Cargo Claims Handling

AscendTMS gives you the tools to completely refute and deny non-legitimate cargo claims with "picture perfect" proof. How do we do it? The driver just takes a quick picture of the cargo at the pickup location and at the delivery location, and texts it to AscendTMS. We will automatically attach the cargo image(s) to the correct load for you. If a claim comes in, you have picture proof of no claim caused by you (with the date and time stamp) - or to minimize the amount of a valid claim. AscendTMS even handles claim forms and claim paperwork. Never pay an invalid claim again!

Easy EDI - Built In

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is built right into AscendTMS. We'll connect you electronically to ANY trading partner (shipper, carrier or broker) so you can send and receive load tenders, invoices, and completely eliminate all paper by using standard EDI communications. EDI is often a requirement if you want to do business with larger companies because it is fast, efficient, and error free. And, because we have our own EDI team and our own dedicated EDI servers, you pay 80% less than with any other EDI provider.

Extra Staff. On-Demand. When Needed

Do you ever need extra staff fast – either short term or long term? Do you want to pay 70% less than a local hire? Do you want them to be college educated, speak English and Spanish fluently, already know logistics, and require little to no training? Well, it’s good that you chose AscendTMS, then. We’ve partnered with Hubtek and Lean Stafffing Solutions, the premier near-shore outsourced staffing solutions for the logistics industry. You get on-demand logistics experts that are already familiar with AscendTMS. It’s pretty amazing.

Free Customization & Development

AscendTMS is customizable from day one - and we'll even write your custom code requests for free. First, we allow you to change key elements in the system to suit your needs; Don't use a certain truck type? Change it! Prefer to use a new Load Status? Add it! Want your departments or branches to work together? Sync them! Then, if you want a truly custom feature written, or you have a neat new idea for us, we will write the code for you, for free, as long as the entire AscendTMS user community benefits. Welcome to the AscendTMS family!

Advanced Communications

What is one of the most important things in logistics? Communication. AscendTMS has several features to help you improve your communications, both inside and outside your company. Some of these features include: Two Way Texting - Send a text message to a driver (or to any cell phone) and receive their text replies directly back into your TMS. Instant Messaging - Send and receive instant messages to other members of your company and see their availablity. Document Management - Upload commonly used documents such as Carrier/Customer Setup Packets, Certificate of Insurance Requests, etc. and email them to anyone you desire.

User Role Management

Decide which users see what items - and who has access to sensitive materials such as accounting screens and profit reports. Better still, we have simplified the process so you can quickly see what users have what roles with a quick glance. You can also combine branch, department, location, or agency user access with particular user roles to further narrow what users see. Restricting or expanding specific user access to a particular role (or roles) gives you more confidence in your team - and minimizes user mistakes.

Partners & Integrations

AscendTMS is already integrated with many leading logistics service providers - from load boards, financial institutions, factoring companies, GPS tracking services, communication providers, and others.

International Usability

North America, Europe, Asia, no matter what continent your on AscendTMS is made to work for you. Choose your local currency and start managing your business today. All of the features in AscendTMS such as location search and Automatic Route Review are available to you as well. Go ahead, give us a try! For this we say grazie, obrigado, gracias, arigato and thank you.

Free Live (& Unlimited) Training

Every other TMS vendor you talk to will charge you for training. AscendTMS doesn’t – and we never will. Our LIVE training sessions and our friendly LIVE training team are available ANY TIME YOU NEED THEM. You will never get a training bill from us - ever. If you or your team need training – or even re-training - we are always here for you. Better still, every feature has an in-depth training video to show you, step by step, on how to get started - and how to use AscendTMS to its potential. It’s probably why AscendTMS is rated as the world’s #1 TMS software.

Connected to Any Factor - Any Time

Did you know there are around 140 factoring companies in the USA and Canada? Well, no matter who you choose to work with for funding, AscendTMS connects you to them all, INSTANTLY. We're the only TMS in the world that can provide real-time instant connectivity for real-time funding, payment and settlement with NO integration needed. Better still, we provide funding connectivity for both asset based carriers AND for freight brokers / 3PL's. So, if you want your cash 60 minutes after your load delivered, AscendTMS is the only game in town.

Free Live (& Unlimited) Support

There’ll be times when you need technical support from your TMS provider and you just want to talk to a live human being. So, you’ll be pleased to know that real live (and friendly) humans work at AscendTMS to answer ANY question you have (well, except for the meaning of life…we are still working on the answer to that one 😊). You get an actual phone number to call so you can speak to us whenever you want to. Isn’t that refreshing! Every other TMS vendor you talk to will charge you for your support calls. AscendTMS doesn’t – and we never will.

Simplify workflows, improve processes

Work on files together in real-time, and  review and get feedback without the back and forth.

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