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$0pp/month (forever)
Get the world's number 1 TMS and never see a charge. And, load searching and truck matching is included*. AscendTMS is THE world's most widely used and most popular TMS software (Just Google "AscendTMS Reviews").
Over 230 Standard Features
Monthly Per User Cost: $0
2 User Limit
Setup, Support & Training Free (Forever)
Never charges for drivers, trucks, or loads (ever)
Premium Features
AscendTMS is the same TMS technology used by Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost. And, load searching, posting and truck matching is included*. No installs. No setup. No contracts.
Over 230 Standard Features
PLUS 33 Premium Features
Monthly Per User Cost: $99
No User Limit - First 30 Days Free
Setup, Support & Training Free (Forever)
Never charges for drivers, trucks, or loads (ever)
* There is no added charge for Basic or Premium AscendTMS account holders. However, a DAT TruckersEdge, DAT Express, DAT Power and/or paid subscription is required to seamlessly access the DAT and load board services from within AscendTMS.
Get ALL the Basic Features
Limited Driver Track & Trace via Cell Phone GPS, Intuitive Load Management, Load Financials and Profit Monitoring, Branch/Department Management, Automatic Route Review & Load Optimization, Dashboard - Your Business In Real-Time, Customizable to Your Unique Business, Accountability Tracing, Free Credit Checks, International Usability, All Load Documentation, Invoicing, Confirmations, Carrier Management, Basic Carrier / Driver Qualification and Fraud Check, Driver Management, Customer Management, Simple Customer / Broker Credit Checks, Location Management load search and truck matching is included*, and much, much more.
Load & Truck Posting To 53 Load Boards
Post to up to 53 load boards with a click of a button. Load Boards such as Getloaded,, and PostEverywhere. With this feature, users can post, un-post and update their external load boards directly from the Load Management screen. Save time, save money, and move more loads by posting to 52 load boards at once. Let AscendTMS do all the hard work for you while you keep the freight moving! (Subscriptions to load board services may be required.)
Driver Track and Trace
Track any driver and any load in real-time with AscendTracker. We send the driver a special text message that grabs their exact GPS location and tracks them on a map within AscendTMS. The driver can also respond from his phone with the real-time status of the load with one press. NO APPS NEEDED - just our special text message! You can also use this feature to send any other instructions to a driver via standard text message.
Instant Load Funding
Just click one button when your load is completed and get paid. Get paid by wire transfer, ACH, fuel card deposit, T-Check, Money Code, or paper check. AscendTMS is seamlessly integrated to Triumph Business Capital, the largest transportation factoring company in the world. If you want your money, you just complete your load in AscendTMS, make sure everything is in order and press "Get Paid". If your paperwork is in order, shazam, your money is on the way.
Advanced Check Call Management
See complete contact history for loads whether they come from manual check-calls or the AscendTracker system. Know at a glance which loads are in need of driver contact and which were recently updated. View all driver contact information, send drivers messages, and log contact directly from the load management screen.
Document Management
Scan paperwork or have POD's texted to you from drivers on the road (and we even append them to the right load within your AscendTMS account for you). Manage your company documents (like your contracts, customer packets, carrier packets, credit applications, driver paperwork etc.). All uploaded or texted documents can be viewed, tagged, searched, downloaded, printed, or emailed from AscendTMS. Documents can also be attached to your loads, customers, carriers and locations for easy access.
Full Accounting Features - Made EASY
While the Basic subscription plan already gives you lots of totally free accounting features, the Premium subscription plan lets you manage ALL of your accounting needs inside AscendTMS. And, no outside accounting package is needed (unless you want to, of course)! So, in addition to the free tools we already provide, such as customer invoicing, driver and carrier settlements, and customer credit limits, the Premium plan adds accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, advances, customer statements and financial exporting to Excel. Better still, we made accounting EASY to understand and manage. And, for those of you with external accounting software packages, we integrate with most major account systems. Accounting with AscendTMS is EASY!
Load Reporting
Export your comprehensive load details to Excel for any load criteria or any specified date range. Use the reporting tool in order to fluidly sort your exported data by user, branch, department, client, carrier, driver, or anything else contained within the load. You can also use report results to easily create time-period comparisons or graphical representations (bar charts, pie charts etc.) of your load data, or to import the report results into any other system you use.
Commission Reporting
You get the most powerful commissions management and branch revenue split tool you have ever seen. AscendTMS allows you to incentivize ANY staff member with commissions (both percentages or flat pay) for activity they perform. Your managers can even control all commission approvals and override commissions on a load by load basis. And, your staff can even see their own personal real-time paid, approved, and forecast commissions inside AscendTMS without ever having to ask you.
Driver Pay Reports
AscendTMS does driver payroll with one click. Just select the date range and we will calculate payroll for each driver you have. It doesn't matter whether you have company drivers, owner operators, or a mix, AscendTMS does everything for you. You can pay drivers in any way you wish; pay per mile, percentage of line haul, hourly, per case, per pallet, per hundred weight, or a mixture. We even account for accessorials, stop pay, per diems, fuel pass through, and deadhead pay.
IFTA Reports
Do your IFTA taxes in 2 minutes and not 2 days. When you use AscendTMS to run your trucking business, we know where you bought fuel, the route you ran, the miles through each state, and the current state tax rates. When it's time to file your IFTA tax, just click one button and we will do all the heavy lifting. And, it's 100% error free. You can even manually adjust the miles as needed, you can import your fuel card data, and we will calculate the exact ITFA tax for each state for you.
Cargo Claim Handling
AscendTMS gives you the tools to completely refute and deny non-legitimate cargo claims with "picture perfect" proof. How do we do it? The driver just takes a quick picture of the cargo at the pickup location and at the delivery location, and texts it to AscendTMS. We will automatically attach the cargo image(s) to the correct load for you. If a claim comes in, you have picture proof of no claim caused by you (with the date and time stamp) - or to minimize the amount of a valid claim. AscendTMS even handles claim forms and claim paperwork. Never pay an invalid claim again!
Carrier / Driver Online Portal
Your drivers and carriers can get paid with ACH, bank wire, COMcheck, T-Check, money code, fuel card deposit, or paper check. You can even offer Quick Pay for a fee. Our payment portal is run by Triumph Bancorp, an FDIC chartered bank, and it allows you to pay ANY carrier or driver in any form they want. And, no more drivers calling you to chase money. And, no more factoring companies calling to verify loads.
Carrier Onboarding, Qualification and Fraud Checks
Never load a bad carrier or bad driver again. Built into AscendTMS is a full carrier verification, carrier qualification, and fraud detection system. Simply enter the carrier's MC or DOT number and we do the rest. You can even setup a brand new carrier with just one click. Better still, you can conduct real-time fraud detection and carrier qualification every time you add one of your existing carriers or drivers to one of your loads.
Free Shipper Directory - 26,000 Shippers!
With AscendTMS, you get your own private database of over 26,000 direct shippers, brokers and freight forwarders - all needing freight moved by companies just like yours. We provide access to their contact details, their phone numbers, their locations, and even their credit scores (which are all updated nightly). Remember, getting just one extra load from your new Shipper Directory will pay for your AscendTMS Premium subscription for well over a year!
EDI Connectivity
Connect to your Trading Partners directly from AscendTMS. We offer all the standard trading documents used in the transportation industry. We also offer low setup and transaction pricing on a per partner basis.
Instant Messaging
Allow your users to send each other instant messages whether they are across the office from each other or across the country. They communicate privately in and real-time - and it is 99% faster than sending emails internally.
Data Retention
The length of time we store your data.
The number of user accounts that can be added to your organization.
< 3 users
Contract Period / Set-up Fees
Some TMS providers require set-up fees and/or require a contract forcing companies to use their TMS for a period of time.
No set-up fees. No contract periods ever.
Simple, predictable, and honest pricing, billed conveniently to your credit card every month. Cancel at any time.
$0/month per user
$99/month per user

No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Credit Card Needed.

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