Full time

Customer Onboarding Manager

You are an independant worker who cares about the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

About You

Going the extra mile for a customer is in your blood. When people look up the word "service" in the dictionary, there is a picture of you. You are an independant worker who cares about the overall customer experience and satisfaction. You have a detailed eye for perfection that saw that misspelled word in the previous sentence. You are patient, calm, and helpful by nature. You like to solve problems for yourself and others. However, you are willing to also ask for help in order to resolve the issue at hand when necessary. You like to help others solve technical issues no matter how long it takes. You are organized and like "to-do" lists in order that nothing gets missed (the devil is in the details). You are not just a communicator, you are an over-communicator. You are willing and able to travel to both trade shows and larger customer sites as needed.


Ideally, you have at least 2+ years of customer service experience with sophisticated customers that can be demanding the closer they get to "launch day". You should be extremely comfortable with web based technology and with computers in general (ideally - you are a nerd at heart). You can speak effectively to both mid-level and senior-level employees in order to convey you needs and to help solve problems in an efficient manner. Knowledge of freight transportation, trucking, logistics and TMS systems is not a "must have", but will be a definite plus in this role.

How To Apply

This is a full-time position in Brandon, FL. Send your qualifications to jobs@inmotionglobal.com.. Feel free to include anything that will ensure that you stand out among the other applicants, such as wanting us to check out your GitHub profile. Or, send us a recent portrait from Glamour Shots? Maybe you know the answer to life, the universe and everything? We're waiting to hear from you. Don't disappoint.

No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Credit Card Needed.

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