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with Instant Load Funding

Now is connected to cash through Triumph Business Capital. Just connect your account to Triumph and when you complete a load in simply click "Get Paid". Your funding request will instantly be submitted to Triumph for funding. All of your load information and supporting documentation is sent over to Triumph for immediate processing. You get paid faster and you do half the work to get your cash. And, the funding process is updated in real time in your system so you always know where your cash is. Watch this video to learn more and to see how it works.

Learn how Triumph Business Capital will pay for your Premium account, for up to one full year, at

Zero Risk

With pricing plans starting at zero dollars, yes that's right zero dollars, your risk is literally NOTHING! With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not create your free account and experience what thousands of companies have already discovered? No Credit Card required to begin!

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High Reward

Organize your logistics. Manage your freight expenses more closely. Have accountability of you and your staff. Automate processes that will save you time and money. These are just some of the benefits you will find by using . Our mission is to provide your company with the logistics tools it needs to achieve your goals!

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Endless Possiblities

Being the first and only Transportation Management System that allows you to begin using the system in under 30 seconds, provides your company with a host of new possibilities. There isn't a need to schedule a demo, review quotes or wait for implementation. You can start using the system now!

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No Contracts. No Setup. No Credit Card Needed. Start Now.

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"All in all, Ascend TMS offers incredible value. And developing, marketing and servicing the TMS is their only business. Not a load board company. Not a 3PL. Just a TMS company, in the cloud." ...Continue Reading

Steve Fernlund, Consultant at Lanter Logistics

"AscendTMS has been very user-friendly. Myself and my team were able to login and step through it really easily. We built our customers, carriers and locations by just following the prompts. We didn't need any training"

Ann Hudson, Brokerage Supervisor at Truckload Division

"Extremely easy to use and as powerful as many paid TMS systems. We teach all of our Freight Broker and Freight Agent Training students how to use AscendTMS in our courses."

Calvin D, Training Instructor at

"I work alone most of the time managing up to 15 trucks and teams each day. I look at my AscendTMS software as my office mastermind. There is no way I could manage so many trucks without it."

Casey Boatright, Office Manager at ABC 1-2-Tree, Inc.

"...for new brokers and or agents, this is everthing you need leterally. Easy to use, plenty of help when you need it. Everything I need to keep my Carriers and Shippers orginized with a click."

Charley Edwards, Flat Rabbit Logistics

"I have worked at several freight brokers in my career and Ascend TMS is WAY ahead of what my other employers used. May favorite feature is that I can text a driver from the TMS and not have to call him."

Zac A, Dispatch Operations at Truckload Brokerage Division

Professional Services We Offer

Whether you want to connect to your accounting systems, ERP systems, sales systems, PO management systems, or inventory systems - we can do it. Just ask. All you need is the dedicated server version of Ascend TMS and we will connect to anything you want. Just ask for our professional services price list.
Need to connect through traditional EDI and you stuggle between a 214 and a 204 EDI document? Do you think a VAN is something you take the kids to soccer in? We can solve your problems and connect to any EDI partner you have. All you need is the dedicated server version of Ascend TMS and we will connect to anyone you want. Just ask for our professional services price list.
If you can dream it...we can write the code. We can write any custom screens you want and add as many buisness rules as you require. The charges are reasonable and the code keeps on giving! Just ask for our professional services price list.