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Our Story and Ownership

AscendTMS is partially owned by a large, publicly traded (NASDAQ), FDIC regulated, national bank holding company. So, you can rest assured that we do things by the book - and that your business success is our only goal in life. In fact, our vast financial resources allow us to provide new Transportation Management System (TMS) features as you ask for them, and at no additional cost to you. Moreover, AscendTMS is profitable and totally debt free.

AscendTMS is also the ONLY natively connected TMS software to the independent digital TriumphPay Payments Network. This means when you use AscendTMS both your outgoing payments and your inbound payments can be 100% digital if you choose (you can always still do it the slow, manual, expensive way, too. We like to give you choices lol). The TriumphPay Payments Network means FAST payments, and digital settlement technology that can eradicate all fraud, all payment mistakes, and all unauthorized short pays.

We were founded in 2002 with the idea of developing a Transportation Management System (TMS) that could be used from a web browser - avoiding the typical complex installations, configurations and setups - without the need for any internal IT staff or IT support. Back then, this was truly revolutionary thinking. So, fast forward to today and what you will notice is that there are dozens of TMS providers out there - but none of them can deliver a true cloud-based TMS system, nor any of the benefits that come with it. However, with AscendTMS, we’ve perfected cloud TMS, and we give you state of the art cloud-based TMS technology that GUARANTEES to immediately lower your costs and increase your profits - or you’ll never pay us a single penny.

We have no hidden agenda like some of the other TMS providers out there. We are simply a leading software company specializing in Transportation Management Systems and Logistics Software, and we employ intelligent people who have extensive knowledge on how the transportation industry works. We are not affiliated or owned by any other company in the transportation industry - so there is no conflict of interest when you use AscendTMS. Our mission is simple, to provide you with the best TMS at the most affordable price.

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Our users love, love, LOVE AscendTMS. In fact, don’t just take our word for it – take theirs (literally). Read what REAL users have to say about their personal AscendTMS experiences - AND also read all those reviews of your other TMS choices (if they even have any reviews). You’ll revel in the confidence of knowing that AscendTMS is happily used by tens of thousands of people every single day. Don’t take a chance on unknown software to run your business – choose the TMS that’s already proven to grow your business and to increase your profits. We guaranteed it..

Ascend TMS Mature Technology

Mature TMS Technology - 16 Years and Counting.

With 16 successful years of development and improvement, thousands of users in 19 countries, we are financially strong and have the backing of the best minds in logistics. Our TMS technology is used everyday by both multi-billion dollar corporations to run their logistics operations and small "mom and pop" companies in rural America. AscendTMS was built for companies of every size - companies just like yours. That is the beauty of AscendTMS - every user gets the exact same feature-rich system with access to the exact same features - and then you customize it to perfectly meet your own unique business needs.

Winners of Every Major Award

Many TMS software companies may say they have an award or two. That's nice.

At InMotion Global, Inc. we have won virtually every award available - for 14 straight years. That is no easy task. Whether the award was from a logistics association, a leading publication, or an industry trade group, we held our heads high (for about 10 minutes) and then plowed into our code to make Ascend TMS even better for our ever growing community of power users.

So, what should our awards tell you? WE MAKE AMAZING TMS SOFTWARE! And, you can get started for free right now!

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The Press Love

Over the years we have been featured in every major logistics and transportation publication - from the good ol' USA to Europe, South America, and Asia. The press love us because we create stories that they want to write about and we provide immediately accessible technology that drives measurable results for anyone using AscendTMS.

NOTE: If you are a writer or editor for a logistics related publication (online or print) feel free to reach out to us at if you would like to write about . We are always happy to help you write an engaging story about logistics, our free transportation management software, and how our users would never go back to the dark ages after experiencing what offers them.

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Our Executive Management Team

Tim Higham - CEO

Tim has led InMotion Global, Inc since he founded the company. In 2002, the first version of Ascend TMS was born (called, unsurprisingly, InMotion Global TMS). Tim continues to craft the direction of InMotion Global and the Ascend TMS offering. Tim is a native of England - so we make him work on July 4th while we all celebrate their loss of a nice piece of real-estate.

Justin Heath - CTO

As Chief Technology Officer (or, Mr. Guru as he is fondly known by the staff) Justin is responsible for keeping Ascend TMS on the cutting edge - but not the bleeding edge (yes, there is a big difference). Justin decides the best way to implement your ideas and he makes our user community smile (which they do, often.)

Chris Parker - COO

As Chief Operating Officer, Chris keeps the operations team and the servers humming (we use the Amazon Web Services Cloud). He is also responsible for all custom-code and integration projects. Chris is also deeply involved in the new feature releases and the other goodies you can find within Ascend TMS.

Mark Weimer - EVP of Product Management

Some people can juggle 3 balls. Some 4. Real pros might get to 5 for short periods. Well, as head of our entire product development group, Mark holds the world record for keeping more balls in the air than anyone else at AscendTMS, including integrations, feature innovations and design, project management, and future roadmaps to drive forward the vision for AscendTMS. He brings ideas to life, dreams to reality, and keeps all the balls ever handed to him perpetually in motion!