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Become a TMS brand ambassador with AscendTMS – the #1 rated TMS software

on earth. We do all the work – you just spread the word and get paid monthly.

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Perfect For Existing Logistics Professionals LIKE YOU.

Just spread the word about AscendTMS - and we’ll send you cash every month.

It's Perfect!

This amazing opportunity lets you become a legitimate TMS software consultant with the world’s #1 rated - and most popular - TMS software. All you need to do is to refer to your professional work contacts – and we do the rest for you.


You get paid 20% of all the monthly user subscription fees generated from ALL of the companies referred by you. To give you an idea of the true potential, we have TMS sales consultants making over $90,000 per year by generating new accounts and users each month. In the first year, working as a brand ambassador just part time, you can easily generate over 100 new carriers, brokers or shippers using with 5+ users each. If you did that (meaning just 500 total users in the first year), you would make $5,900 per month in extra income – part time!

The best part is that we do the TMS demos, the TMS tours, we provide the TMS support and TMS training, and we do all the software development and customer communication for you. ALL you need to do is to talk about and recommend us for their trucking, brokerage, or shipping business. If they like us – and subscribe – you get paid every single month as they continue to use to run their business.

The sales process is easy – because is already the world’s most widely used TMS and we are the #1 rated TMS software by ALL of the leading software review sites like Capterra and Software Advice. is also the lowest cost TMS software (so nobody will EVER complain about price). Better still – doesn’t need any IT staff to run it because it’s all delivered via a simple web browser, like Google Chrome, to the end user. So, once your prospects see it – they will LOVE it (and they’ll LOVE YOU for telling them about it). Oh, and we provide all sales and product information online at for you to point people to.

Getting started with your new TMS software consulting career (whether it’s full time or part time) is easy. Just get the agreement HERE, fill in the blanks, and send it back to us so we can add you as a trusted AscendTMS brand ambassador. You have the opportunity to make extra money – and we do all the hard work of the TMS software development, training and support. How great is THAT!!!!

We look forward to supporting you and to helping you spread the good word – and to you becoming a true evangelist!

The Team.