Logistics Academy Logistics Academy - 2016 AscendTMS Review

We tried out this week and we have been fans ever since. The second that you set up an account on their website, you'll be shocked when you see what is offering - for FREE!

is a one of a kind (free) TMS system that gives users all of the power of a main-stream, paid TMS provider. As you complete the guided tour it is clear just how easy is to use. Adding, organizing, and finding customers, carriers, vendors, and locations is a breeze. The simplistic design of the user experience means that the user can achieve whatever they are personally capable of achieving! They don't hold you back, because it is so easy to use within minutes of getting the account.

The software is not limiting. Users can very easily customize their account for their own needs. allows users to create personalized load confirmations and rate confirmations with ease. They even help users figure out national rate directions on your "Dashboard" and provide full rate/fuel indexes.

Being able to customize this application means that the software will inevitably help save time and hard work. Users can edit terms and conditions, load confirmation footers, invoice document settings, settings for rate confirmation documents, and even edit default settings for bill of lading documents. Our students are telling us that the access from anywhere on any device will be awesome for their field teams and remote offices.

simplifies the life of any freight broker who tries it and allows him/her to take care of business in a timely and orderly fashion - FOR FREE (can you tell - this still amazes me)! Because it's free, I thought that it may limit the actions of the user. It doesn't. It is a no risk - high reward solution that helps you organize your logistics operations, manage your freight expenses more closely, gives accountability to you and your staff, and even automates processes that will save you time and money. It's no wonder that over 80% of their free users upgrade to the premium version of the system for even more bells and whistles. However, they never need to upgrade until they are ready, because the BASIC SYSTEM will run any brokerage operation - and help you look like a national player with a million dollar tech budget.

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Why AscendTMS?

Ten reasons why thousands of companies choose for their logistics management needs.