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Want to learn more about ? Below is a list of some videos that will guide you through some of the basic, and more advanced, features of the system. So, kick back, relax and enjoy the show.

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Why AscendTMS?

Ten reasons why thousands of companies choose for their logistics management needs. If you are only going to watch one video - watch this one!

Instant Load Funding

is connected to cash through Triumph Business Capital. Just connect your account to Triumph and when you complete a load in simply click "Get Paid". Your funding request will instantly be submitted to Triumph for funding. All of your load information and supporting documentation is sent over to Triumph for immediate processing. You get paid faster and you do half the work to get your cash. And, the funding process is updated in real time in your system so you always know where your cash is. Watch this video to learn more and to see how it works.

How To Submit Your Loads For Factoring

This video will show you how to connect your account to your MyTriumph account as well as how to submit your loads for factoring with Triumph Business Capital.

Free Freight Broker Credit Checks

Run unlimited credit checks for your freight brokers, for free. This video shows you how to perform these credit checks step by step in . You can perform the credit check before or after you add a freight broker to your .

DAT Load Searching

Search the same loads as DAT's TruckersEdge, DAT Power and DAT Express directly from . You can also find the next available load for your empty truck with two clicks of a mouse!

Dashboard Overview

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the Dashboard.

How to Build a Load

Here we walk you through step by step on how build a load in .

Intuitive Load Management

View this video if you would like to learn more about our Load Management process.

Universal Search Tool

This video demonstrates how fast and easy it is for you to search for any load, customer, carrier or location in your AscendTMS. The Universal Search tool also allows you to perform quick credit checks, carrer setup and verification, simply by using a DOT or Docket number.

Carrier Verification

In this video, we provide an overview on how to use the Carrier Verification process within AscendTMS. You can look up and view critical FMCSA data for a carrier simply by typing in their DOT, MC, FF or MX number. In addition, you can monitor any of your carriers and receive notifications of changes to their FMCSA data.

Accounting Management Overview

The Accounting Management Overview video steps you through our powerful, yet simple to use accounting system. Manage all of your transportation financial needs like batch invoicing, batch settlements, reconciliation, archiving, Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online integration as well as carrier and freight broker factoring.

Sending Loads to Accounting Management

This how to video provides an overview on how to send loads from your Load Management screen over to Accounting Management. It also reviews how to search for those loads and how to send them back to Load Management. In addition, it explains who has access to Accounting Management loads and who does not.

Quickbooks Online Integration

View this video to learn how to setup your Quickbooks Online integration with AscendTMS. It steps you through the basic setup options in Quickbooks Online, how to map your Pay Items over to QBO, as well as how to transfer your invoices, invoice payments and bills/expenses over to QBO in real-time.

Quickbooks Desktop Integration

If you use Quickbooks Desktop, then watch this video to learn how to setup your integration. This video will explain the initial setup process as well as to how to export your IIF files from AscendTMS to be imported into Quickbooks.

Driver Pay Reporting

Learn how to setup and report on your driver's pay within AscendTMS. This video outlines how simple it is to report on how you pay your drivers. Whether it is per mile, a percentage rate, etc. You can even include hold back items for insurance, IFTA Reporting, leased equipment....anything!

IFTA Tax Reporting

This video will show you how to do your IFTA taxes in 2 minutes and not 2 days. When it's time to file your IFTA tax, just click one button and we will do all the heavy lifting. And, it's 100% error free. You can even manually adjust the miles as needed, you can import your fuel card data, and we will calculate the exact ITFA tax for each state for you.

Post to Public Load Boards

This is an overview on how to setup and post loads to up to 52 load boards directly from AscendTMS.

AscendTracker and Advanced Check Calls

This video steps you through how to use AscendTracker (Driver Track and Trace) as a stand-alone application, as well as part of Advanced Check Call Management.

Document Processing

As documents are uploaded or sent to you via text messaging from drivers, they will need to be labeled and catagorized in AscendTMS for easy access. This video will show you step by step on how to process all of your documents.

Document Management and Search

All your uploaded documents, and the ones sent in via text, can be searched, modified, printed or emailed all from the Document Management and Search area. This video is an overview on how to use this powerful feature.

Managing Company Documents

This video demonstrates how to manage your company documents like, Carrier Setup Packets, Customer Packets, Sales Contracts, COI Requests, etc. All directly within AscendTMS.

Customization and Settings

Need to customize to meet your business or industry needs? Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is for you to do so.

Branch/Department Overview

Do you have agents? A remote branch? Maybe you would like to departmentalize your TMS? This video explains how you can set up any of these options simply and easily.

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